Cancellation Nexus Festival 2017

Dear friends,

Unfortunately we have to tell you with a heavy heart, that the Nexus Festival 2017 has to be cancelled. In the following we like to explain the background to you, which brought us to make this decision which was incredibly hard for us.

What happened the last months made up a very difficult situation for us. After the cancellation of the first location, we were already facing a complete break up. The possibility to change the venue was a big surprise and planning took a lot of time. We were hoping for the new venue to become a chance for a nicer festival for everyone involved. We were sure moving to Ferropolis would be an upgrade for the festival.

Unfortunately that was a misjudgement and we are now forced to act. The pre-sale stayed far behind the forecasts and our expectations. The ticketsales so far are not enough to pay the necessary bills to open the venue. The weak pre-sale made us run out of money.

The festival is planned entirely, we have all permissions and would be ready to start. All of that is useless if there is no money to realize it.

Until the very end we tried all we could to change that but in vain.

We will contact all holders of tickets via email to inform them about the situation.

We have to declare the Nexus Festival insolvent because we are not able to pay. We will take care of the process of the insolvency and look for a solution for everyone who already bought a ticket. We cant’t promise wether there is going to be such a solution or not. The advanced payments we made so far have emptied our accounts entirely.

After one year of work we are standig in front of a pile of shards. We completely understand your frustation but don’t see a different solution. We don’t want to risk not being able to open after you already travelled to the festival. We can only ask for your understanding and we are available for your questions.

Your Nexus Team